3 Focuses: Ideas, Progress, iSin Feedback

My goal with this blog is to connect with open-minded individuals and ultimately build an active “iSin Community” as stated at the the end of the book. I thrive off of good communication and this blog is meant to focus on and discuss three main areas (to begin with):

1) Ideas: New Thoughts, Any topic that intrigues you yet you have a “hard time” discussing with those who you interact with regularly who may be distracted by that app on their phone or who are distracted by the news and other peoples’ lives continuously; hence, this site and the book is meant for those who are AWAKENED enough to THINK for themselves, who WANT BETTER, and who actively strive to GET BETTER via attaining more awareness, knowledge, and wisdom.

2) Progress: State small victories, discuss things you see as “Good” in the world, and offer your expertise in whatever area you feel you offer value in. Contact me first to get my approval, but I am all for you promoting yourself on my site. The way I see it, the more people and views you can bring to the site, the better it is for you and me; hence, that is how the POWERFUL WE is created. (The Power of WE/TEAM is discussed in great detail in the book.)

3) Book feedback and questions about any topic or sub-topic discussed in the book. I LOVE good, though-out feedback and I will respect your opinion or criticism as long as any criticism is THOUGHT OUT! I am always striving to GET BETTER myself via attaining deeper insights. This read will unlock and unleash the 2.0 Version of yourself and your life; before it is all said and done I hope to be at “Shay Version 9.0 or beyond!” Hence, be free and open on here. Ask ANY question regarding the book. I’m an “open book” and will answer anything you ask regarding the book’s message. Let’s get the ball rolling! Feel free to ask away!