“When you want SOMETHING (Your External Goal) TOO MUCH to where your INTERNAL HAPPINESS is dependent on your EXTERNAL CIRCUMSTANCE (Accomplishing YOUR GOAL), then you may find yourself disappointed, frustrated, and/or ANGRY; REALIZE that you have MADE YOURSELF (via how YOU are THINKING) to be EXTERNALLY DEPENDENT and a SLAVE to the EXTERNAL RESULTS of accomplishing YOUR GOAL rather than BEING INTERNALLY DEPENDENT for YOUR HAPPINESS, YOUR LOVE, and YOUR PEACE (as you SHOULD BE) for YOUR HAPPINESS, YOUR LOVE, and YOUR PEACE should BE FOUND INTERNALLY from ENJOYING the STRUGGLE and ‘PROCESS’ of accomplishing YOUR GOAL.” -Shay Dawkins (Author of iSin 2.0)

If you are “finding your happiness” in the “external results of your life,” then you may be a GOALAHOLIC. For the record, I have suffered from being a “GOALAHOLIC”  for quite some time and I (as someone who is EXTREMELY PASSIONATE/DRIVEN and wants to ABSOLUTELY LIVE my LIFE to the FULLEST) am discussing a topic that is VERY DEEP (PERSONAL) because I have seen the VERY NEGATIVE (SINFUL) side of being a “GOALAHOLIC;”  I will have an entire Chapter dedicated to this concept in the second book of the iSin Series, iSin 3.0. Now, being a “GOALAHOLIC” is SINFUL to a DEGREE yet is not as NEARLY as SINFUL (BAD) as WEAK ASS “APPaholics” (someone who gets on meaningless apps to waste their time), “TALKaholics” (someone who TALKS about what they want yet does not lift a finger to TAKE ACTION towards ACCOMPLISHING what they WANT), and “BULLSHITaholics” (someone who talks about MEANINGLESS people, MEANINGLESS THINGS, and/or who is NOT HONEST about WHAT REALLY HAPPENED nor expresses THEMSELVES in REAL WAYS on how THEY FEEL)!  Hence, this post and the message of iSin is for those of you WHO WANT BETTER, want to SEE how to SOLVE ALL (not some) of YOUR PROBLEMS, and WHO WANT to CREATE YOUR HEAVEN (PARADISE) on EARTH RIGHT NOW!

“APPAHOLICS,” “TALKAHOLICS,” and “BULLSHITAHOLICS” will MAKE EXCUSES about why his or her life is so miserable, so wrong, and/or so disappointing WHEREAS a “GOALAHOLIC” will REALIZE he or she is miserable, wrong, or disappointed and TAKE OWNership of it because he or she REALIZES that he or she is the SOLE CREATOR and the SOLE SOLUTION MAKER of his or her OWN problems; hence, “OWN” one’s problems = taking “OWNership” of one’s OWN problems which gives one the “OWNership” POWER to CREATE one’s “OWN” SOLUTIONS!

APPAHOLICS, TALKAHOLICS, and BULLSHITAHOLICS live in LOW ASS, Level 1 ENERGY (DARKNESS) and ARE NOT the people who this message is for; hence, if you “don’t like” the message of this post, then you probably live in DARKNESS (LEVEL 1 ENERGY)– either go back to watching MTV (feed your DARKNESS/NOTHINGNESS) or READ MORE (if you decide you WANT BETTER).  If you read this and are AWAKENED to REALIZE you live in LEVEL 1 Energy, then your best bet is to read the currently published iSin Book (iSin 2.0) because the material of iSin 2.0 lays out EVERY concept to AWAKEN ALL (yes, even the Level 1 Energy Dwellers who I, personally, DISLIKE and FEEL SORRY for) to what is REALLY SINFUL and NOT SINFUL along with assisting those who already LIVE IN REAL LOVE (those Level 2 or Level 3 Energy Dwellers who may suffer from being a “GOALAHOLIC”) how to FURTHER build his or her OWN GREATNESS via showing you how to THINK BETTER and become AWARE of BETTER; hence, if you live in LEVEL 1 ENERGY (DARKNESS), then you are not even AWARE of YOUR GREATNESS whereas someone who lives in Level 2 or Level 3 Energy is AWARE of his or her OWN GREATNESS and is ACTIVELY SEARCHING for the ANSWERS to his or her OWN PROBLEMS because he or she WANTS BETTER and KNOWS he or she is MEANT to EXPERIENCE BETTER!  By the way, that previous sentence may have just taken you (if you currently were dwelling in Level 1 Energy) from Level 1 Energy to low Level 2 Energy, if it enabled you to THINK BETTER via making you REALIZE that YOU are the SOLE CREATOR and the SOLE SOLUTION MAKER to ALL of the CURRENT “PROBLEMS/CIRCUMSTANCES” of YOUR OWN LIFE.

Back to the “GOALAHOLIC” theme of this post; if you suffer from being a GOALAHOLIC, then you probably are a “WORKAHOLIC” as well which in itself is not bad (sinful), because EVERYONE should be FOCUSED on his or her WORK at least 75% of the time (I, honestly don’t know the “right” percentage to tell you because I WORK at least 90% of the time, and I REALIZE “working 90% of the time as I currently do is NOT IDEAL in the LONG-TERM”); hence, I (Shay) NEED to FIND more “hobbies/distractions” (what those APPAHOLICS, TALKAHOLICS, and BULLSHITAHOLICS do 90% of the time and are EXPERTS at) to bring me BALANCE and RELAXATION from my WORK! LOL!  With that being said, you will NOT FIND a BETTER or a more FULFILLING LOVE, SATISFACTION, and JOY than what you ACCOMPLISH from YOUR WORK!  There is so MUCH MORE JOY to be FOUND in TAKING a small, baby STEP towards your goal (your work) than winning that GAME on your MEANINGLESS APP after an HOUR+ that:

A) Doesn’t add any money to your bank account

 If you are a GOALAHOLIC, then KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING.  Just REALIZE, that you are NATURALLY more PASSIONATE (DRIVEN) than PEACEFUL (COMFORTABLE).  REALIZING that FACT will enable you to REALIZE (as I have learned since writing and ACTIVELY living the message of iSin 2.0) that YOUR TRUE, REAL, LONG-TERM STRENGTH will be FOUND in your INTERNAL PEACE as YOUR PEACE will enable YOU to THINK CLEARLY and JUSTLY about YOUR LONG-TERM SOLUTIONS and enable YOUR FOUNDATION to BE TRULY STRONG.  Hence, if you are a “GOALAHOLIC,” then you are FLYing and SOARING towards YOUR GOALS yet KNOW that ALL birds and those who FLY must LAND to regroup and rest, during certain moments; know that YOUR INTERNAL PEACE will GIVE you that STRONG, FIRM FOUNDATION to land upon when you need rest and relaxation.  If you have no internal peace, then you will essentially be landing on “quicksand” when you have to land to rest/relax. Picture someone skydiving and then having to land on sand– I have never skydived, but I am pretty sure that a skydiver’s ankle will “roll (be sprained)” at the very least if he or she is having to land on a foundation that is NOT a STRONG/FIRM foundation; hence, a skydiver or plane (something that is FLYING as a GOALAHOLIC is) needs to land upon a STRONG/FIRM foundation to NOT RISK INJURY to themselves.  YOUR INTERNAL PEACE will CREATE a STRONG/FIRM foundation for YOURSELF, and YOU CREATE this STRONG/FIRM FOUNDATION by ACTIVELY KNOWING at ALL TIMES (especially when you are “flirting” with ANGER) that YOU must DWELL in YOUR INTERNAL PEACE via FOCUSING (THINKING) upon FINDING YOUR LOVE, YOUR PEACE, and YOUR JOY in “the INTERNAL PROCESS” of “ACCOMPLISHING YOUR GOAL” rather than being caught up, dwelling in, and seeking to find YOUR LOVE, YOUR PEACE, and YOUR JOY in the “EXTERNAL (normally– FINANCIAL) RESULTS of YOUR GOAL.”

Someone who is FLYING is essentially someone who is STRIVING to ACHIEVE MORE; just REALIZE that there are PEOPLE who are BAD (SINFUL) FLYERS and people who always want to become BETTER FLYERS.  The whole concept of iSin 2.0 is to show you BETTER ways to F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself) so that you, not only, become a GREAT FLYER, but that you become a GREAT LANDER TOO!  AYYYYYY!  SPREAD YOUR WINGS and FLY, but LEARN to LAND successfully too so that you don’t do as I have done countless times by accomplishing much EXTERNALLY yet “CRASHING and BURNING INTERNALLY” via me not finding my love and joy in the INTERNAL PROCESS of FLYING/ACCOMPLISHING the GOAL/DESTINATION I was FLYing towards!


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