iSin Promo Video:

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“Awesome, inspiring self-reflective read. I love the inter-active table of contents. The book was instrumental in focusing my outlook to be more positive. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to better themselves and those they love.” (After I, Shay, said, “Thank you for the kind review!”) “The thanks are to you for writing this book and opening my eyes and heart to a better way, a better life for me and my loved ones.” Jenny Brown

“Your whole book concept is quite amazing. You gotta be proud of this accomplishment!” Sarah Garrison

“Love this book everybody please get it it will change your perspective on everything.💜” Tina Hopper

“Bro that’s sick! When does the book come out?” Sean Granger

“Lol idk why I f***ing loveeee this book and I’ve only read the introduction.” Jaqueline Alvarado Roman

“I just read the intro and that was fantastic, good job bro!” Brandon Brown 

“I love this book! Amazing job, Shay!” Angie Roberts


*Excerpt from Page 20 of the Introduction



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